Sometimes, change is exciting but other times it leaves you feeling lost.

I’ve never really thought this far a head and now I’m feeling a little bit lost. I always knew what I wanted to do after high school. I wanted to go to The Fashion Institute to study Fashion Business and I wanted to intern at Cosmopolitan magazine, which I did, and they were both amazing experiences. But I kind of hoped that I would have ended 2016 with a job in the industry, which didn’t happen. Now, in my second year out of high school and my first year out of college and I’m lost. I don’t know weather I should try and plan out my future, or just roll with the punches. Knowing me, I’ll most likely end up choosing the latter because almost nothing seems to work out the way you plan it.

Life get’s in the way of life.

So I’m starting this blog in hopes that it will help distract me from feeling lost and give me  something to look forward to. I’ve wanted to start a blog for years but never really stuck to it. I’ve had a YouTube channel for many years and I’m so in love with it and the little community I’ve built, they’re kind of the same thing though right? Instead of video content, it’s writing.

I hope to make my website a place similar to my channel where you can come and read/watch and forget about feeling lost.

– A xo

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