What work experience in the fashion industry is really like.

I’ve decided to split this post into multiple parts as I have a lot that I want to write and think it will just be too much for one post.

Last year I studied at The Fashion Institute here in Sydney, through studying at The Fashion Institute I was able to gain some amazing hands on experience and opportunities within the industry. I’ve worked with companies such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, ShowPo, David Jones, Myer, Trenery, One Fine Day Wedding fair, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Sydney, Swarovski, Australia’s next top model, We are Kindred, Elle Magazine and Twitter au. All these experiences really allowed me to gain an insight into the fashion industry and all the hard work that goes into it.


My first and longest internship was with Cosmopolitan magazine. Interning at a magazine is nothing like it seems in the movies. There is no Miranda Priestly throwing her bag and coat on your desk every morning and the editor wouldn’t ask you to get an unpublished manuscript of the newest Harry Potter book. At Cosmopolitan, it’s a very chill and friendly environment.


When I first started interning at Cosmo I was in the Fashion department, when you intern in the fashion department you spend 80% of your time in the “fashion cupboard” which is a space where they keep all the clothes and accessories that PR companies send them to feature in the magazine. As a fashion department intern it is your job to unpack packages from the PR companies and write up an invoice for them if there isn’t one included, organise the clothes, shoes and accessories, keep the cupboard tidy which can sometimes be difficult. You will also re pack the packages and send them back to the PR companies. You will also partake in the usually ad hoc office duties.

I was interning in the Fashion department for a few months and I decided that it wasn’t really for me, so I asked my supervisor if there were any other positions available and then I was moved to the editorial department.

Interning in the editorial department was a lot more interesting to me. In the editorial department I transcribed interviews for the features team and assisted in arranging upcoming international features for upcoming issues, brainstormed online feature ideas and assisted the online team daily by uploading articles through the CMS system and working to make them relevant for Aussie readers. Everyday was something different and it was really cool to see an article or feature that you worked on in the magazine.

Interning at a magazine really gives you a great insight into all the hard work and planning that goes into a magazine!

If you have any questions please leave them in the comments.

I will be writing more posts on my experiences soon.

-A xo


  1. September 7, 2017 / 12:12 pm

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