My Favourite “Instagram” trends

This post is a “carry on” from my latest Youtube video “Trend Watch”

Trend Watch is a series that I have on my youtube channel where I talk about recent trends that I have been loving lately. I show items of clothing I own, where they are from and how to style them with different pieces. This time I thought that I would also do a blog post as a part of this series but add a little twist to it.

In this post I am going to be talking about my favourite fashion and beauty trends that I have seen on Instagram and who my ‘style inspirations’ on Instagram are.

  1. Clean but edgy. The clean and edgy look is probably my favourite by far and my biggest fashion inspiration who portrays this look on Instagram is Shannen Jai Peroomal. Some of my favourite looks from her are:

    There is just something about her style that I think is quite versatile and relatively easy for anyone to recreate. So if you are looking for someone to follow on Instagram for major fashion inspiration then SJP is your girl.

2. Relaxed chic. This “trend” is great for someone who likes to dress up but doesn’t at the same time. Aspyn Ovard is also one of my inspirations when it comes to fashion. Her style is very relaxed  but still very chic and put together. Very effortlessly styled. Here are some of my favourite looks from her:

Aspyns style is also a style that is really easy to recreate and is perfect for the type of girl who likes to look nice but is still super casual.

3. Casual x Designer. Kate Blue is a fashionable mum on Instagram who likes to go for the relaxed look but then dresses her outfit up by adding something designer like a pair of shoes, a bag or a belt. This is a really great trend to go for if you love the expensive look but don’t have the biggest budget. You can save up over  time to own just a few designer pieces that you can wear with lots of outfits . Here are some of my favourite looks form her:

Those are some of my favourite trends on Instagram! Let me know who your fashion inspiration is in the comments below!

-A xo

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