How I use my planner to stay organised.

I’ve always had a little bit of an obsession with planning. Lately I have been using my planner to help me out with planning and scheduling YouTube videos, blog posts and personal errands.

The planner I use is the Kikki.k medium personal planner .


The planner is pretty plain and simple so I like to decorate it  with stickers, cards and washi tape.




For my monthly layouts I like to keep it simple. I write in the days and hours that I’m working so I am able to look at the month at a glance and plan things out easier. I also like to write in when I plan on uploading videos, when I upload videos and tracking how many views the video gets within a month of uploading.


planner3planner6-2planner 7

In my weekly layouts there is a lot more. I like to write a number of check boxes each day of tasks that I need to complete. Majority of the time it revolves around Youtube and a social media schedule that I like to stick to. I also track my weekly subscriber count. I like to ensure that by the end of the week every box is checked off.


To decorate my planner I use the sticker book and paper lovers book from Kikki.k. Kikki.k has the best planner accessories! I also use some post notes and inspiration cards that are also from Kikki.k. I love these because they have such a variety of stickers, tags and cards that make planning out your week a lot more enjoyable!

-A xo

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