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Who doesn’t love to travel? I haven’t done too much of it but I do know what I need when  I do travel. In todays post I will be sharing with you my top 5 travel essentials!

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  1. Hand Sanitiser! I must must must have a hand sanitiser with me when I travel. I’m a bit of a germaphobe and love to feel fresh and clean at all time! My favourite ones are from bath and body works because they don’t smell like a sterilising hand sanitiser, they smell amazing.
  2. Eye Mask. When ever I’m going to be on a long flight it’s crucial to bring an eye mask so that you can sleep with out being distributed my the cabin lights or anything else going on in the plane. The one I own is from Love and Lustre.
  3. Card Wallet. I like to take a card wallet with me when I travel so that it can easily fit in a small bag and I don’t have to worry about carrying around a large wallet full of junk I don’t need. My card wallet is from Mimco and fit’s all I need.
  4. Lip Balm. This is a must. I can go without lipstick, but not lip balm.
  5. A note book or my planner. I always like to carry a little notebook or my planner with me, I don’t know why honestly, if I needed to write something down I can always put it in my phone but I’d much rather write it down on paper, old school style haha.

If you want to see some more of my travel essential plus some travel tips and hacks then check out my Youtube video where I show you exactly that!

– A xo

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