The importance of a morning routine

My last youtube video was a much requested morning routine. These videos always seem to be so popular on youtube and it got me thinking how important morning routines are. Even if you plan on spending the day at home, it’s still important that you get up, get dressed and have a productive day.

In this post I will be sharing with you the most important steps of  morning routine and how to have a productive morning routine.

1. Coffee… Seriously, It makes it a lot easier to get out of bed when you have something to look forward to. It might be coffee or an amazing breakfast or you might want to find out what happens in the next chapter of the book you’re reading, For me, coffee is the most important part of my day. It gets me out of bed.

2. Make your bed as soon as you get out if it. This will make sure there is no temptation to get back into bed and to make sure you get up and get your day started.

3. Drink water. We all know the importance morning hydration. Drink a glass of water when you get up and your body will thank you for it.

4. Exercise. If it’s a light yoga session or a hiit session. I don’t exercise every morning but most mornings I do some kind of stretching or I’ll take my dog for a walk or go for a run on the treadmill. It gets your blood pumping and is a great way to start your day.

5. Get Ready. Even if you are just staying home for the day. Put some makeup on, do your hair and get dressed. This will help you stay motivated and proactive.

Here is my morning routine!

Let me know if you are a morning person in the comments!

-A xo


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