How I’ve started to change.

These past few weeks have been great for me. I’ve made some really positive changes and I thought I would write about them so that I can hopefully inspire some of you to do the same.

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff. 

I use to really stress about every small thing that went wrong in my life. A rude customer at work, a mean comment on Youtube, stress at work, my skin breaking out (which only made it worse) but lately I’ve really been trying to let these small things go. They all may sound really minor and superficial but we can’t help the things that get to us. Taking time to remember that these problems only take up a small portion of my life and that they aren’t going to last for ever makes a huge difference. When I add everything up, the good usually out weighs the bad.

2. Healthy body healthy mind.

I’m back on another health kick and this time I plan to stick to it. I’m always on and off with working out and I think that’s because I usually do it by myself my back yard, which makes it so hard to stay motivated. I have recently signed up for a boot camp and I’m really looking forward to it! A group of people all trying to achieve the same goal and someone who knows what they’re doing training us. I will be keeping you guys updated on this!

3. Doing things for myself.

It’s always good to treat your self. Get your nails done, have a day off work, have a ‘me’ day. Last week was super stressful for me, so on the weekend I decided to have a me day, I didn’t think about work, I took a relaxing bath, read my favourite book and planned some youtube videos. “Me” time allows you to take a break and re charge, it gets you ready to tackle the week ahead.

4. Creating a change. 

Instead of wishing and hoping, I’m starting to create changes, putting goals in place and doing one thing each day that will get me one step close to what I’m trying to achieve.

-A xo

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