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Wearing nice clothes always makes me feel good, wearing nice pyjamas to bed is no acception. There is something about putting on a beautiful pair of pyjamas and getting into bed with fresh sheets that relaxes me and makes me feel good. Love and Lustre is a company that makes beautiful sleepwear and they were kind enough to send me some pieces in their new summer collection! I genuinley love their products so I decided to find out more about their company and ask them some questions.

Tell me about how/why you started the company and where the name Love and Lustre came from:

The label was established to create a range of luxury lingerie and sleepwear products without the high price tag. To create pieces women could wear every day, rather than reserve for special occasions.

The name came from the description of a beautiful and unique pearl, Love and Lustre. We say that the Love is the practicality and ease, and the Lustre is the added touches in the trim, the finishes or the fit.

What is the inspiration behind your spring/summer collection?

For summer we journeyed East for inspiration bringing opulence and a touch of dreamy exoticism with our Misty Bloom print.
Our focus never wavers from finding soft, beautiful luxury fabrics.

What is the one message you want to send out to women who follow your brand?

We believe that women deserve to feel and look as special as they are. Buy well and enjoy a little luxury.

Here is my Summer favourites video where I show you my favourite pieces from Love and Lustre


Click here to see the post on their blog!

You can use the code ‘amylauren’ on their website to receive 10% off your order! If your stuck on ideas for Christmas presents ğŸŽ this is perfect!

-A xo

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