I’m still in holiday mode and am feeling better than ever. so far the holiday has been amazing, we’ve been swimming almost everyday, have had so much amazing food and the view on the beach at sunset is mesmerising.

I wore my favourite dress from ShowPo and found this cute little cafe/bar corner at the star casino.

My mum, sister and I decided to go to “Koi” for breakfast in Broadbeach. I had THE BEST acai bowl ever, mum had some peach pancakes and my sister had some eggs with toast. They both planned to get avocado on toast but Australia (or at least Queensland) is running low on avocados and most cafes/restaurants we’ve been to up here haven’t had any avocados 🥑 (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?)

We went for a walk along the beach as the sun was setting and the sunset was incredible.


-A xo

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