How to create a stunning Instagram feed and grow your following!

I have really been loving Instagram lately. It’s the place I gain most of my inspiration and where I love sharing photos that give a glimpse into my life.

To create an aesthetically pleasing feed there are a few things you are going to have to do.

1. Figure out the difference between themes/instagrammers you like and aspire to be like. 

This will make it easier to narrow down where your inspiration comes from so you don’t get over whelmed with too many different themes and ideas.

Here is a feed I really like

But this feed isn’t necessarily what I want mine to look like because it doesn’t replicate who I am.

2. Pick a theme. 

What do you want you’re theme to look like? All white, super colourful, grey, black and white. The possibilities are endless!! Pick one that represents you the most. Here is what mine looks like at the moment. 

It’s ok if you want to change your theme up every now and then. Trial a few different things and see what works best for you.

3. Be consistent with your editing. 

To make your photos blend well together it’s important you use the same or similar editing styles on each photo. Find an editing app you like and pick a few of your favourite filters. This will make your theme more cohesive!

I like to use the apps “afterlight” and “preview” to edit my photos. I’ll usually bump up the brightness, bring out the shadows to it’s not too washed out and add a filter if it needs it. I like to keep it simple and try not to edit my photos too much but to each their own!

Before editing

After editing

4. Download a preview too so you can see what your theme will look like in advance. 

I use the app “preview” to pre upload my Instagram photos so thatI can see what they will look like before I upload them. This allows me to re edit any photos that need it and to see which order I should upload photos in order for them to look nice on my feed.

5. Plan a head.

In order to grow your following, you need to be posting consistently. Some times you won’t have time to take a new photo everyday, so it’s good to take and edit a few at a time so you have some spare photos for those days where you don’t have time to take new ones.

6. Interact with your followers and with people you follow. 

It’s important that you interact with people on instagram. Make sure you’re replying to all the nice people leaving comments on your photos! Commenting on other peoples photos will also help with growing your followers. BUT what ever you do, DO NOT SPAM PEOPLE!! I can’t say it enough. Don’t comment “Will like back” or “Follow for Follow” or “Hi, I just started my account and would love for you to follow me” no body likes that. Leave nice, genuine, interesting comments on peoples photos.

7. Use hashtags.

After you post your photos, place hashtags in the comment section. You want to use as many as it will allow so you will have more of a chance of people seeing your photo. I have a note in my phone with categorised hashtags for each category of photo I post ie. fashion, beauty, travel, food. Find what ones work best for you or what the most popular are and put them in a note so you can easily copy and paste when posting.

It’s important to change them up every once in a while though other wise you might get shadow banned. This is when Instagram recognises you are using the same tags in every photo and doesn’t allow people who aren’t following you to see your photos, defeating the purpose of gaining new followers.

8. Add locations to your photos.

This makes a huge difference. By adding a location to your photo, it will allow other people who search that location to see your photo!

9. Tag brands.

If you want to get noticed by brands a potentially get your pictures reposted by other accounts then it’s important that you tag brands in your photos. For example, if you post a picture of your outfit then you should tag the brands where your clothes are from. If your posting a flat lay, tag the brands of the products in the photo.

And thats it!

-A xo



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