My favourite face masks!

I’ve been obsessing over skincare lately and have tried my fair share of face masks, so I though I would share with you my current favourite face masks!

LaRoche-Posay – Effaclair mask. I’ve spoken about this brand a number of times on here and on my youtube channel. I really do love it. This mask is great for drawing out all the impurities in your skin!

Frank Body – Glow Mask. Frank body is a skin care brand that I swear by and will always use. This mask is super hydrating and great for tired, dry skin.

DIY Green tea mask. Mix green tea leaves with honey and leave on your skin for a few minutes. It’s super moisturising and exfoliates your skin when you take it off .

Skin Republic – Brightening vitamin c sheet mask. This is an intense moisturising sheet mask. I’ve used this one multiple times and I really love it! It’s perfect for giving your skin an extra boost of vibrance and moisture.

Face masks are a good way to pamper yourself. It is important to know your skin type and what ingredients are good for your skin! 🙂

-A xo

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