My Favourite Designer Dupes!

I’ve been following a lot of designer trends lately, trying to figure out how I can look just as expensive for less.

I happened to stumble across these two “designer dupe” pieces. They aren’t exact replicas, Just pieces inspired by the designer. I don’t have enough money to spend thousands of dollars to spend on a bag or hundreds on a belt, so I bought these instead!

The first piece is a belt, inspired by Gucci ($480) If you have an instagram account I’m sure you would have seen this belt by now. The two gold circles imitate the classic “GG” symbol. This belt is from city beach and cost $12! It really dresses up any outfit and adds a nice faux designer touch.


The second piece is a bag, inspired by Chloe ($2491) Bags with circle hardware have been really popular lately and I really love it. This is from princess polly. It’s my new every day bag, it’s small, but still big enough to fit all the essentials in it.
It cost around $90. It’s design is nice and simple so it goes with everything!


Do you have any favourite designer dupes? Let me know in the comments!

-A xo

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