How I flatlay

Flat laying is something that I have always enjoyed trying to do and it’s only recently that I have become decent at it and making my pictures look good.

In todays post I am going to be sharing with you how I like to flatlay and some tips and tricks on how to make it easier.

My first tip for creating a perfect flatlay is making sure you have a clean, simple background. I like to use my white bedsheets for most of my flatlays. If you don’t have any white surfaces then you can purchase a piece of white cardboard for under $10. I also like to use a piece of marble vinyl that I purchased from K-mart for $3. Using blankets and pillows also work well for flatlay backgrounds.

There are a few different types of flatlays you can create. Grid flatlays and scattered flatlays are the most common. A grid flatlay is when you place your items in a grid formation and all of the items line up nicely.


A scattered flatlay is when you place your items in random positions while still ensuring it looks aesthetically pleasing. Using tones and colours that compliment each other will make this easier.


Another little tip: If you are using items that have rounded edges (e.g lipstick) and you are finding it hard to get them them to stay in the right position, if you place a little bit of blue tack on the back of the product and gently press onto your background then it will stay in the position you want it to.

Using different shapes, sizes and colours of products will give your flatlays variety. Good lighting is also an important part of creating a great flatlay. Playing around with different layouts and camera angles will allow you to get the perfect picture, it’s ok if not all the products fit in frame, just play around with the items until you get them all in the perfect position.

If you are looking for some inspiration I recommend looking on Pinterest instead of Instagram as it is a lot easier and you can find all the best flatly photos in one place.

If you would like to see how I edit my flatlay photos then head on over to my YouTube channel!

-A xo

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