My favourite street style snaps from MBFWA ’17

Last year I was a volounteer and MBFW, it was honestly really cool to see all the people in the fashion industry that I admire so dressed up, some in the most un usual outfit (But hey, that’s fashion) and watching them pose and walk around getting their outfits snapped. Unfortunately this year I did not attend MBFW but I have been all over social media seeing what people are wearing and getting major outfit inspiration.

Here are some of my favourites!


Sarah Ellen is always one of my favourites to see at fashion week, partly because she and I are close in age and I am really able to gain some great inspiration from her.


Sara Donaldson (HarperandHarley) is also someone that I take major inspiration from. I love love love how she paired distressed denim with the oversized coat!


This look is giving me an Audrey Hepburn “Funny Face” running down the stairs in her red dress vibe. Although a much much much more modern version.


Again with Sarah Ellen, I’ve been a huge fan of pairing denim with a girly piece of clothing. I really love the tomboy/girly combination.

It can’t be a favourite looks without Margaret Zhang. One of the most influential women in the fashion industry in my opinion.


This look is one of my favourites.. All black, sky high pant split with a little bit of lace peeking through. L O V E.

Let me know which look was your favourite and which show you would like to see if you went to MBFW!

-A xo

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