My favourite skin care products

Skin care is something that is very important to me. I used to suffer from very severe acne when I was in high school and tried almost every skin care product on this planet so I know what works for me and what doesn’t. My skin type changes with the weather so I use different products at different times of the year to cater for that.

Today I’m going to share with you my favourite skin care products as of today, these products are all great for acne prone, oily and dry skin.

Lets get into it.

Cleanser – I use La Roche Posays Effaclar foaming gel. It’s really good at getting all the impurities out of your skin and deep cleaning your skin. My face is always left feeling fresh and clean! I use it with Vanity planets spin for perfect skin cleansing brush. This cleansing brush is the best thing I have ever bought for my skin, it really helps with deeply cleaning my skin. It also comes with an exfoliating brush head that I use once or twice a week to get rid of all the dead skin.

Treatment – When ever I’m having a breakout I like to use La Roche Posays Effaclar duo plus. This helps to unclog your pores and correct any imperfections.  It also comes in a tinted version which I like to use in the summer instead of foundation, it’s light weight but still has good coverage!

Moisturiser – The Frank Body every day moisturiser is my favourite. It’s super light weight and very moisturising. It doesn’t clog my pores and isn’t oily. Its the perfect everyday moisturiser and is full of ingredients that are good for your skin. Not to mention it has a double shot of coffee that promotes blood flow & collagen production for a healthy glow. I am a fan of anything that has coffee in it.

Toner – La Roche Posays Serozinc is a good toner for summer. I don’t use this everyday as it is mattifying and I don’t need it everyday. It’s good if you have oily skin as it helps mattify and purify your skin.

I like to keep my skin care routine pretty simple, using gentle products and I don’t like to put too much on my skin.

Drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy diet will also help with keeping your skin clear! 💧

Whats your favourite skin care product? Let me know in the comments!!

– A xo

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